Ayşen Savaş, Prof. Dr., Faculty of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, Turkey.

Felix Sattler, Curator, Tieranatomisches Theater-Exhibition Research Space, Humboldt University, Germany.

Museums are primarily didactic institutions, and web-based education platforms bring innovative perspectives to object-oriented learning practices towards increasing the potentials of virtual mobility and democratization of research and teaching practices. New display environments also provide a medium to question the authority of museums as storages of knowledge and the authorship of producers (artists, designers, curators, etc.). This track invites designers, museum experts, historians and specialists in related fields, to seek and exchange alternative ways of sharing knowledge in e.g. museums, archives, and collections and initiate future research using the potentials of digital cultural heritage. It supports cross-disciplinary research initiatives that integrate science, design, engineering and aesthetics at the core and focuses on virtual mobility and democratization of knowledge and finds its space in museums. Professional engagement (curatorial, artistic, educational) as well as museum visits require mobility, which is highly restricted today due to various political, economic and social conditions. It is necessary to eliminate these boundaries with the establishment of shared platforms that can make the collections accessible and provide new ways of exploring and connecting knowledge and engaging with the objects. This track would like to explore, but is not limited to, the following topics:

  • Web-based education platforms
  • Object-oriented learning practices
  • Digital cultural heritage
  • Cultural techniques
  • Scientific narrations
  • Visualization of intellectual data
  • Monopolisation of knowledge
  • Exhibitions and aesthetic practices
  • Digital displays
  • Scenographies of knowledge
  • Aesthetics of didactic objects
  • Other modes of representation


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