This track is open to topics related to learning cultures such as hidden curriculum in design, the “project”, tutors and critiques, teamwork, etc.

HIDDEN CURRICULUM IN DESIGN EDUCATION. Values, norms, beliefs, implicit rules, customs and rituals. Geographical and institutional patterns. Changing écoles around the world, changes in écoles throughout history. Proficiency, skills, knowledge.

THE “PROJECT”. The studio project as “the curriculum in a nutshell”. Projects and design briefs, what do they tell us about the design education we offer/receive? What happens while we are busy making projects? Problem-based learning.

TUTORS AND CRITIQUES. How do tutors facilitate, listen and intervene? Power relations, master- apprentice relationship, alternative models. Questions and challenges posed by mass education.

TEAMWORK. Dialogue, discussion, decision making, conflicts, crises, performance, evaluation. Consensus and dissensus. How can we get ready?

OTHER TOPICS you would like to suggest.